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Columbus Wedding DJ | Ohio Pro DJ | Ohio Wedding DJ | Lighting | Monograms | Gobo



Ceremony Amplification & Music

Your ceremony location is stunning but . . .


  1. How will people hear you exchange your vows?  

  2. Who provides the wireless microphones? 

  3. Who starts the music right on cue?


Our wedding ceremony option is designed to provide quality amplification appropriate to the number of guests.  It includes wireless lapel microphones for the officiant and groom, and wireless hand-held mics (and stands if needed) for any presenters, vocalists or musicians.


We can also provide the music of your choice for the prelude, processional, interlude and recessional.  Our sound system is discretely set-up behind your guests, and is run by a DJ operator.


Cocktail Hour Music & Amplification

If your cocktail hour is being held in a location separate from your reception, we can provide quality amplification and excellent background music at a level that is conducive to easy conversation while people socialize and reunite.  Music during cocktail hour is a must if you wish for your guests to be entertained right from the start of your event.





Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting

The hottest and most popular light show we offer! Customize your reception with intelligent lighting. Spot light your grand entrance or first dance. Create custom gobo's (designs) for ambient effect. The options are endless!


Dance Floor Light Show

A popular choice among Ohio Pro DJ couples. We can wash the dance floor with colorful beams of light as you dance the night away!






Intelligent Dance Floor Light Show

Dance Floor Light Show

Up-Lighting Photos

Illuminated Monogram

You ask what is a gobo? Simply put, a piece of metal or glass, which fits into a professional DJ light and projects a pattern onto a wall, ceiling or dance floor. What a unique way to make your special day memorable with your initials as a couple or the name of the celebrant(s)!



Monogram Photos

Venue Uplighting

Whether you call it decor lighting or Lightscaping, Uplighting will enhance the atmosphere of your banquet room. We will match any color you have so in the beginning of the night your room will fit your theme.  And when the party gets going, our uplighting can pulsate to the beat to add even more energy to the room.

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